Nasal Mask or Full Face Mask?

Nasal masks are used primarily by most patients and should be tried prior to moving to a full face mask. They are smaller, less costly and are less expensive to maintain. Most importantly they have a smaller surface area of contact on the face. A smaller surface area often translates into a better mask seal. Choosing the mask type and size can be challenging, but with our experience and hands-on education, we are confident that we can advise you on the right product to start with. We do, however, initiate therapy with a full face mask when an individual has a deviated nasal septum, or has chronic nasal congestion. A full face mask trial would be appropriate if you find your mouth is frequently leaking and if you already have tried a chinstrap that doesnʼt correct the problem. A chinstrap will only hold the jaw closed to prevent the mouth from opening. If you are experiencing a dry mouth, itʼs likely that you are still leaking from between your lips. At this point, it is necessary to get your mouth inside a full face mask.

I have water gurgling in my tubing

The room temperature is colder than the humidity that is moving through the tubing. The humidity is cooling off and compensating, therefore the water is building up inside the tubing and the air blowing it over the corrugation of the tubing makes that sound. -They can try pulling the tubing underneath the blankets on the bed, so the cold doesn’t get to it as quickly. -Purchase (or make) a tubing wrap, covers the tubing to help insulate it. -If it is a Resmed S9, ResMed Airsense, or Respironics System One Machine or Dream Station they have a heated tubing available which heats the tubing from one end to the other preventing this from happening. (These tubings cost 60.00)

My machine is telling me to change the filter

The machine has a built in reminder for changing the filter that will come up every 3 months. You need to change the filter on the backside of the machine (with the exception of the Airsense, it is on the lower left hand side). Acknowledge that you have done so by hitting the button on the right side of the screen (two little checkmarks) to reset the reminder to come up again in three months. If they have not purchased extra filters when they got their equipment, they may purchase them from us. Most filters are sold in a package of 3 for $12.00.

My mask is leaking

Adjust the velcro on the headgear. Some may have a knob on the forehead support to turn in or out.

Give the mask a good cleaning as oils from your skin may build up on the cushion, which may make it slip and allow air to escape.

The cushion on your mask may be worn out and need replacing. They are constantly under pressure and break down over time due to oils and bacteria. Masks should be replaced annually and cushions after six months if they are no longer sealing.

I feel bloated in the mornings

You are taking more air in then you are exhaling. The air then needs to go somewhere so it travels to your stomach and causes this discomfort. The mask seal should be checked, and if this is still a problem a request can be made for a prescription to turn on the EPR on your CPAP machine. This is a comfort option to have the machine drop in pressure to allow the individual to exhale easier.

I need a download before my next appointment

Bring the machine into our office and we will take the data from the machine to do up a report for the respirologist.

If the machine has an SD card, that is all that is needed to do the download.