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Do you…

  • Snore?
  • Stop breathing in your sleep?
  • Wake up feeling unrested?
  • Feel exhausted during the day?
  • Struggle with your weight?
  • Often feel depressed or irritable?
The video below will show you how to properly use your ApneaLink Air Home Sleep Testing Device.

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If any of this sounds familiar, you may have sleep apnea. Not only can it affect your relationships and career, if left untreated, you’re at greater risk for car accidents, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, even sudden death.

The good news? Sleep apnea IS treatable and you’ve come to the right place.

We can set you in the right direction and explain your options.

Stop Suffering

Sleep apnea is treatable and you’ve come to the right place.
We can empower you to live symptom-free and improve your respiratory health.

Epworth Sleepiness Scale

How likely are you to doze off or fall asleep in the following situations, in contrast to feeling just tired?
This refers to your usual way of life in recent times.

Auto CPAP Titration

If you are on CPAP therapy, chances are that your pressure hasnʼt been re-assessed in quite some time.
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30 Day Mask Guarantee

When you purchase a mask from Prairie Oxygen, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to exchange your mask for a credit towards a different product.
This gives you recourse should unforeseen mask problems arise. If you are having difficulty achieving a proper fit with your mask.

Sleep Apnea Sufferers

are more likely to report having…


2.5 Times
More Likely

Heart Disease

2.2 Times
More Likely


1.8 Times
More Likely

Mood Disorder

2.5 Times
More Likely


My pressure feels too high. Can you adjust them for me?
We cannot adjust pressures without a prescription. Your pressures were specifically designed for you by a specialist to ensure your therapy works for you. You will need to contact your respirologist or your family doctor to discuss a pressure change.
My CPAP Machine is saying that the SD Card is invalid. How do I fix this?
There are two options on the bottom of the screen asking to erase the SD card. Select YES by turning the knob on the right hand side of the screen to highlight it, and push the button on the top of the knob to select it. It will take a few minutes for the machine to reformat the card. It is NOT erasing the data, only reformatting it.
Why do I have water gurgling in my tubing?
The room temperature is colder than the humidity that is moving through the tubing. This creates a buildup of condensation that passes over the corrugation inside the tubing, causing the noise you are hearing.

  • Try pulling the tubing underneath the blankets on the bed so it is somewhat insulated from the cold air.
  • Purchase (or make) a tubing wrap to cover the tubing to help insulate it.
  • Resmed S9, ResMed Airsense, Respironics System One Machine, and Respironics Dream Station offer a heated tubing that prevents this from happening.
I changed the filter on my machine, why is there still a message saying to change filter?
The machine has a built in reminder for changing the filter that will come up every 3 months. You need to change the filter on the generator. Acknowledge that you have done so by hitting the button on the right side of the screen (two little checkmarks) to reset the reminder to come up again in three months.
How can I stop my mask from leaking?

Adjust the Velcro on the headgear accordingly: i.e. if air is blowing into your eyes, adjust the top straps. Be sure the straps are adjusted as evenly as possible.

Give the mask a good cleaning as oils from your skin may build up on the cushion, which may make it slip and allow air to escape.

The cushion on your mask may be worn out and need replacing. They are constantly under pressure and break down over time due to oils and bacteria. Masks should be replaced annually and cushions after six months if they are no longer sealing.

I was told I can use CPAP Wipes for daily cleaning. Can I use any kind of wipes?
CPAP wipes are made specifically for masks. Silicone is not tolerant of antibacterial agents or bleach, and lotions will add extra oils to the cushion, resulting in the mask not sealing properly. Most other wipes have got one, or a combination of these products in them. Please use wipes designed for CPAP masks, as they will not degrade the silicone, and shorten the life of your mask.
Why do I feel bloated in the mornings?
You are taking more air in then you are exhaling. The air then needs to go somewhere so it travels to your stomach and causes this discomfort. The mask seal should be checked, and if this is still a problem a request can be made for a prescription to turn on the EPR on your CPAP machine. This is a comfort option to allow the individual to exhale easier.
How do I obtain a download before my next doctor's appointment?
Please bring in your machine and we will be happy to download the data from it. We can either send it to the doctor for you, OR you may take a copy with you. Newer machines such as Resmed Airsense 10 and Respironics Dream Station have wifi, and can be downloaded without having to bring in your machine.
I use a Nasal or Pillows mask and I am getting a dry mouth. Will I have to use a full face mask?
Not necessarily. You can try one of two things, or a combination of both:

  1. Try turning up your humidity. This will hydrate your nasal passages, as well as keep your saliva glands hydrated.
  2. Use a chinstrap. This will hold your jaw up and allow for less or no air leakage from your mouth.
Why is my machine making a loud sound?
More often than not, the machine is not a problem, it is the mask. Because of the tubing running from the mask to machine, it may sound as though the noise is coming directly from the machine. Try readjusting the mask. If that does not work, please contact us.
I am going through an entire tank of water. Why is this happening?
Your machine works by drawing in room air to give you the pressure that will keep your airway open. It also is drawing in humidity from the air. If your room is dry, as it often is in the winter, the machine will compensate and go through more water in a night. (The reverse is true as well, you will normally go through less water in the summer). Please keep your humidity at a level that is comfortable for you, and refill the chamber should it be necessary. It is more important to ensure proper humidity than to extend the amount of time you have water in the chamber.
I was told I need a full face mask, but my friend has one that is much smaller and only for the nose. Why was I not given this option?
When we are fitting you for a mask, we most concerned about your quality of sleep, and are very conscientious of what will suit you best. A pillows or nasal mask will work for many people, but if you are a mouth breather by day, your jaw will likely drop at night and the air will rush out of your mouth, which means it is not holding your airway open as it should. As well, it will be very loud, and your mouth will be very dry upon waking. A full face mask will ensure you are able to breathe through BOTH your mouth and nose.
Why are my chest and lungs sore?
In the first few weeks of treatment, your chest muscles need to become accustomed to exhaling against the pressure from the machine. It is very much like running a soccer field for the first time in 20 years, and feeling tight in the chest area the next day. This pain should go away within time. You may also consider getting an EPR (epiratory pressure relief) for comfort exhaling.