OxyGo Portable Oxygen Machine


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Light & portable, great for people on the Go. The OxyGo is a new-generation pulse dose oxygen concentrator that weighs approx 5-6pounds with a double battery and can operate on electricity, DC current, or the externally attached battery. The OxyGo can be used as both a portable and stationary concentrator. When in the home or a temporary location such as a doctor’s office, plugging the OxyGo into an electrical outlet will provide you with an endless supply of oxygen to meet your needs as well as charge the attached external battery. When travelling in a vehicle, simply plug the OxyGo into the DC outlet and the OxyGo will be powered by the vehicle’s electrical resources and will recharge or maintain a full charge on the attached external battery. The 16-cell battery will last approximately 8.5 hours on setting 2 and just over 3 hours on setting 5.