CPAP Pillows

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Two to choose from

  • Memory Foam CPAP Pillow with Soft Blue Cooling Gel (Medium Firmness) – Luxury Memory Foam specifically designed for CPAP users with unparalleled comfort of memory foam with the addition of a cooling gel layer to regulate the temperature throughout the night. Comes with a natural hypoallergenic BAMBOO Pillowcase for easy care and washability.
    Great addition to your CPAP accessories for extra comfort to accommodate tubing and mask while sleeping. Sleeping with your CPAP therapy has never been this enjoyable! (Pillow size 24’x13.5’x4.5′ (60 x 34 x 12 cm)
  • Memory foam CPAP pillow with Green tea cooling gel herbal infusion. This premium quality aromatherapy reversible Memory Foam CPAP Pillow not only reduces mask leaks but also introduces a new level of comfort by incorporating aromatherapy within a pillow. Size 33 x 61 cm / 13 x 24 inches. Specifically designed for PAP machine users, that molds to the best shape for your body. Features ventilated memory foam with Mint & Bamboo Infused Cooling Gel Memory Foam. Adjustable pillow height, ideal for sleeping in multiple positions.
    100% luxury Cotton Pillowcase.